CFP: Looking for pioneers!

I'm excited to be announcing an initial CFP for an edited book - a type of teacher's manual, if you will, that helps K16 teachers who are interested in building games in their classroom, but don't know where to start.  So far, it's been an exhilarating and terrifying journey - I know so many folks who do amazing things in their classrooms and just need the chance to share their stories.  And as I've started talking about this book, I keep sharing the same quote over and over:

“Teachers often must play the part of the pioneer if changes are to be made. Pioneers forge ahead in spite of difficulty, learning all they can before striking out for new territory.  They study maps, anecdotal records, and talk to those on the edge of the frontier.  They take old knowledge with them, but expect to develop new strategies, solve novel problems, create new language to describe what they see, and share what they learn with those who have not yet made the journey.  Pioneers learn as they go.” (Armstrong & Bezuk, 1995, p. 87)

This idea of pioneers is a major guiding light to the development of this book, as we gather together the maps, anecdotal records, and accounts from those on the edge of the frontier, and share them with other pioneers who are just wondering, "Where do I start?"  

See more information here, and feel free to comment or contact me with more questions - let's take this trip together!