This is the place for "the stuff about Caro that doesn't involve academia."  So a list of my favorite things:

  • reading fiction
  • collecting interesting jewelry (and forgetting to wear it)
  • watching random television (e.g., AlphasSmash , Firefly , etc.)* while failing to achieve inbox zero
  • watching explosion-based movies with a full bucket of popcorn and a cherry soda
  • spoiling myself with a proper cappuccino flavored with french vanilla**
  • trying to play videogames with 15-pound cats sitting on my lap
  • sailing
  • baking bread incessantly, and making up random recipes to fit what the larder holds
  • Jordan Thevenow-Harrison (he's my for-realz favorite)
  • unnecessary amounts of humorous footnotes***

 *notice:  all of these have been prematurely cancelled.  there is no connection.  (although, frankly, Buffy was cancelled two seasons too late, and I watched that hardcore.  so if I have a cancellation superpower, it radically backfired.)

**which, and this is important because most coffee shops don't actually have  french vanilla, is approximately equivalent to half a shot of vanilla and half of shot of hazelnut.  while you're busy explaining this to the barista, also try to sneakily confirm that s/he knows the difference between a cappuccino and a latte.

***a la the inestimable Terry Pratchett, who even gets recursive with his humorous footnotes.  dude's got skills.





And as a present for those who scroll this far down:  a curious kitteh!

 Grimalkin on an elephant.

Grimalkin on an elephant.