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Journal Articles

Nathan, M.J., Srisurichan, R., Walkington, C., Wolfgram, M., Williams, C., & Alibali, M. (2013).  Building cohesion across representations:  A mechanism for STEM integration.  Journal of Engineering Education (Special issue on representations in engineering education), 77-116.  

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Williams, C.C. (2011).  Little Big Planet and Metal Gear Solid 4:  Being Old Sack Snake.  Well Played, 1(1).  

Williams, K., & Williams, C. (2011).  Five key ingredients for improving motivation.  Research in Higher Education Journal, 11

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Steinkuehler, C., & Williams, C. (2009).  Math as narrative in WoW forum discussions.  International Journal of Learning and Media, 1(3).

Halverson, R., Wolfenstein, M., Williams, C., & Rockman, C. (2009).  Remembering math:  The design of digital learning objects to spark professional learning.  E-Learning, 6(1), 97-118. 

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Hyde, J. S., Lindberg, S. M., Linn, M. C., Ellis, A., & Williams, C. (2008).  Gender similarities characterize math performance.  Science, 321, 494-5.   

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